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“...We believe in doing the job right the first time, every time.  We do guarantee our work, you will not be charged again for work we do. ...”

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Search engine optimization "SEO" is an investment that continues to grow long after the work is done. Valley Isle Webs pricing is based on the amount of work required to optimize your website - including but not limited to:

  • Size and complexity of your site .
  • The quantity and competitiveness of keywords
  • Whether or not you have a web developer or we will perform the changes to your site
  • Your specific goals for positioning of your site

This free analysis of your website will give you our insight on your current rankings, your competitors and information about your site usability, design and overall condition. I will a visit to your site and outline some strategies you can use to make your website more successful. There is No obligation, this is a free report.

Request a free Website Analysis & Quote

“Basic Start-Up” Request Quote

Search Engine Optimization - Position your Web site for the best possible ranking with leading search engines for targeted traffic. Keyword and site optimization show you the words and phrases search engine users search for when looking for you.

Methodology and Pricing - SEO (search engine optimization) 1 URL, 5 pages. *

SEO (on-page) service begins by getting a baseline rating of where your site falls in the search engine results for your keywords. Then begin a detailed analysis of your site's components as well as what your competitor’s sites with higher rankings are doing. We then issue a Recommended Changes Report for changes web site. Once completed we hand-submit your newly optimized site to the Top 10 directories and search engines for re-indexing.

1. Keyword research and analysis.
2. Pre-optimization ranking evaluation by keywords/key phrase
3. One time analysis and Recommended Changes Report.
4. Manual submission to Top Search 10 Engines and Directories.
5. Monthly Web Site analytics report. Traffic reports, Site usage, Visitors.

Website design changes, Information Architecture Organization, or business objective content organization charges are seperate.

Search Engine Site Optimization (SEO) and Website Optimization Services

Search engine site optimization, SEO, done correctly can promote increased traffic and rankings for years.Valley Isle Webs search engine optimization services optimize your website for the search engines. We do NOT rely exclusively on tactics that are external to your site. However we understand that external links are very important to the SEO process and are just as important as the on page optimization techniques we employ. Our search engine site optimization services focus on the content of your website.

Keyword popularity research. Using sophisticated keyword popularity analysis tools, we work with you to develop the ideal set of key phrases to use for your website optimization campaign. Our search engine site optimization team then examines the content of your site and cross-reference that against our database of the most popular search terms on each of the major search engines.

Specific Search Engine Site Optimization. We will supply search engine specific, keyword rich, SEO copywriting and search engine site optimization for any and all pages determined at the start of the website optimization program. This includes all details of search engine site optimization, including: additional keyword research, Meta Tags, ALT tags, SEO copywriting, heading tags, keyword density check, etc. Simply put, each month we will take your existing pages, make the changes necessary for proper website optimization, and return it to you as a completely optimized page.

Documented Changes. Each optimized page, from initial to end, will also come with a detailed document explaining exactly what changes were made in the website optimization process. This is in the event that you prefer to make the search engine site optimization changes to your page(s) manually instead of using the finished page(s) we supply.

SEO Copywriting. Search engine optimization service will create search engine specific, keyword rich SEO copywriting for your website if it is needed to achieve maximum search engine rankings.

Link Building. If you want to rank well, acquire targeted traffic and build brand, you'll need an effective link building and marketing strategy as part of your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program.

Additional Website Optimization Features:

  • Directory submission to Open Directory.

Monthly submissions to major search engines.

Creation of robots.txt file as needed for search engine spiders.

Creation of a xml site map as needed and when possible for thorough search engine site optimization. In addition we also create a Google Site Map so Google can easily find and index every page of your site.

Reports showing the effectiveness of our website optimization as seen in your current search engine rankings.

Monthly search engine traffic reports for search engine optimized pages.

“Instance Results” - Pay Per Click.  Request Quote

Pay Per Click Methodology and Pricing - Paid -For Placement. Google Adwords , Yahoo Marketing and MSN  .

1 URL, 5 Landing pages. 200 keywords* Basic Package

Our Paid Keyword Campaign Management, Tracking and Performance Reporting. take the day-to-day hassle of running these kinds of campaigns. Here's what we can do for you:

  1. Keyword Research: Choosing the keywords is one of the most important steps in the CPC. “ We will research, analyze and gather estimated costs, clicks and impressions for keywords that best fit your web site. “
  2. Set-Up & Bid Maintenance.
  3. Inset conversion tracking code and defining goals.
  4. Take care of getting all your paid-for keyword listings up and running and ensure that you're retaining the positioning and cost controls you want to achieve.
  5. ROI Tracking & Performance Reporting
  6. Create landing pages optimized for your keywords.
  7. Writing compelling ads.
  8. Monthly PPC and Web Site analytics reports.

Premium SEO / PPC SEM Request Quote

Methodology and Pricing- Search Engine Management

( 1 URL , up to 30 pages )*

This Module incorporates all of the features mentioned above what we call on-page SEO |SEM. The Platinum Module and we implement off-page criteria.

1. Link Building:

  • Link Popularity to gauge the crucial number of inbound links to your Web page;
  • List Checking to verify that your Web page is listed with the Internet's leading search engines and directories
  • Competitor Rank to compare your site's search engine ranking to that of your competitors; and Keyword Ranking,

3. LINK POPULARITY - Analyze the link popularity of the top 3 results for your top search term. Using their back link information, develop a spreadsheet of possible link partners.
4.Dedicated represent to monitor and keep you informed.
5. Secure log-in and admin area to review Tracking & Performance Reporting.

(This does not include monies spent for Yahoo Marketing, Google Adword, MSN. ) Your own Marketing budget allowances will be applied to these costs. )


Monthly Web Site Analysis – Our proprietary robust analysis tools (including keyword usage, and Robots.txt files, HTML Tags, and Google XML site Maps) of your site's strengths and potential weaknesses helps you secure crucial search engine success.
Monthly analysis and Recommended Changes Report.

Local Search: Target your local audience. Submit your site to local search engine programs like Google® Local, Yahoo!® Local, Live Search (MSN) and™. * More brick-and-mortar businesses.

We recognize that every online business is different, or at least desires to be recognized to be different, experience has show that there are four basic online business models: Online commerce, advertising, lead generation and customer support.

After an interview and a questionnaire we hand out. Our marketing teams will be more able to define and understand what you want to accomplish online.


Basic Webmastering, Site Design and Development

Effective web designs incorporate many different disciplines. Information architecture, usability | functionality, and visual design. Our Web sites incorporate these and are Search Engine friendly, marketable.

Design around content is an approach that we strive for in our web designs with the belief that "Content is King". The more relevant content is the higher value is to search engines . Producing a better user experience, new customers, increased sales and profits.

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