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Web Analytics : Basic core measurements used.( KPI key Performance Indicators are the foundation to every successful web analytics solution.) There are as many web metrics as there are business models. There are ten business metrics a e-tailer must track.
Visitors, conversions rates, sales, average sale, gross revenue, margin, gross profit, overhead, net profit and growth. Of these only five you need to track.

  • Visitors
  • Conversion rates
  • Average sale
  • Margin
  • Overhead

These five are the only ones you have control over the other five are the result of the five above. Gaining control over key metrics you can define a starting point to improve you ronline business.

Other Important metric:

The Customer Life Cycle:

  • Reach
    Likelihood or potential ability to gain new Visitors.
    Overall Traffic Volumes
    Number of Visits
    Number of New Visitors

Total Pages views / Visitors = Reach% --- New visitors / Unique visitors = % new visitors.

  • Acquisition
    How many visitors are web site acquires. Average Number of visits per Visitor.
    Percent New Visitors
    Avg. Number of Page views per visit
    Average Pages viewed per visitor. “attraction”
    Page “stick” and “slip”

Visits / Visitors = Average visits per visitor. --- Page views /visits =Average page view per visit.

New visitors / returning visitors = “Acquisition Mode”

Single access page views of a page / entry page views of the same page = Page “slip”

(single access page views of a page / entry page views of the same page) = Page “stick”


Web Analytics Glossary web_analytics paper


Pay-Per-Click: Instant traffic.
Keyword Research:

Google AdWords & Overture PPC Campaigns: Contextual Advertising. Pay per click search engine can give you instant traffic. In 10 minutes you can have ads on Google and their broad distribution network. Overture takes 2 to 3 days because of human editors have to approve you ads and keywords. The pay per clicks market is very competitive though. Our services include.

  • Choosing the keywords is one of the most important steps in the PPC. We will research, analyze and gather estimated costs, clicks and impressions for keywords that best fit your web site.
  • Set-Up & Bid Maintenance.
  • Take care of getting all your paid-for keyword listings up and running and ensure that you're retaining the positioning and cost controls you want to achieve.
  • ROI Tracking & Performance Reporting: Custom Metric reports
  • Create landing pages optimized for your keywords and the proper URL’s.
  • Monitoring keyword click thru rates and keyword performance.
  • Routine Campaign Analysis.

Example of Good Keyword Research.


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